Gareth is no stranger to wild places. Born in a blizzard on the Isle of Mull on the West coast of Scotland his adventurous spirit was kindled from a young age. He spent his early years climbing the Scottish Monroes and roaming the cliffs and beaches of Cornwall far to the South. Formerly a marine biologist, he traded in his SCUBA gear for a stethoscope and is now a doctor based in Sydney. In recent years his adventures have taken him from the coral reefs, rivers and jungles of Borneo and Papua New Guinea, to the deserts of Northern Chile, the Nepalese Himalaya, the peaks of the Fitzroy Massif in Patagonia and to the desolate icy plains of the High Arctic. Gareth has been a member of two polar expeditions and has travelled over 1100kms on foot through the polar regions. For him they are the true essence of adventure, wild and dangerous, the sea ice and polar plateaus constantly changing with storms, winds and tides. In 2013 he trekked from Resolute Bay to the Magnetic North Pole and more recently in 2016 he crossed the Greenland Ice Sheet from East to West unsupported.


Richard Stephenson

Dr Richard Stephenson is an Emergency Physician living in Christchurch on the South Island of New Zealand. His passion for the wilderness grew from trekking and climbing in the wild highlands of his native Britain and really took hold when he was privileged to take part in an expedition to Arctic Greenland when he was seventeen. Since then as a mountaineer he has climbed around the world, notably in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, the Altai Shan of Mongolia, the Western Himalaya and the European Alps. In 2013 he completed a gruelling expedition over the Arctic Sea Ice to reach the Magnetic North Pole.


Daniel Trevena

Climber. Skier. Paraglider. Runner. Dan will go by any means to get into the wild... In the Victorian Alps his hometown of Bright provides a natural training ground year-round, but internationally the past decade has seen Dan explore in all continents bar Antarctica - including a desert crossing in Chile, alpine missions on European classics, three seasons in Nepal and an 8000m summit - without O2 or Sherpa. Between adventures, Dan is an anaesthetics and prehospital retrieval doctor. He holds a diploma of mountain medicine, is a fellow of the Wilderness Medical Society, and is the Australian representative to the UIAA's medical commission. He knows that expedition partners are like coffee - the stronger the better, and that the very core of a person's spirit is his passion for adventure. So with this in mind, he is rather happy with his choice of teammates for this Icelandic epic...